Lorikeets or Lorries also belong to the parrot family. Its numerous varieties can be divided mainly as the small Australian Lorikeets and the larger Tropical Lorikeets. It is a parrot-type birds that is playful and energetic and eats nectar and fruits rather than seeds in its natural environment. Thus, a pet Lorrie would require a specialized diet of nectar mix, fruits, vegetables and seeds.

Lorries as Pets

Lorries are known to be very untidy eaters and spoils the cage and its surroundings with their large wet droppings. These birds require a diligent owner who is willing to clean the cage daily to prevent bacterial infections. Lorries are very susceptible to bacterial and yeast contamination from their food and cage.

The smaller varieties make better pets because of their soft bite while the larger Lorries are highly intelligent and make excellent pets as well for those seeking a playful and energetic bird. Lorries make good talkers but can become extremely noisy. This can be tempered by continuing obedience training. They are also known for their tremendous mimicking ability and will often imitate household appliances such as a telephone or microwave.

The cage of pet Lorries should allow them to move around freely and should have toys that would help them entertain themselves. Small Lorries can be successfully bred in both large communal aviaries and in suspended single pair cages. Larger Lorries demand an aviary that is not less than four to six meters long and one to two meters high.