• Parrot Toys and Treats

    As a pet in captivity, birds don’t have the opportunity to engage in the activities that they naturally would in the wild. Avian behaviourists who have spent time observing parrots in the wild have reported that playtime ranks second only to food gathering in priority. Birds have a natural craving to chew and a daily need to forage for food. In the wild, a parrot’s behaviour is very active and playful.

  • Bird Perch

    Perches and stands are important parts of a pet bird’s environment. But one simple perch won’t provide the benefits that a variety of perches and stands can. Birds need different shapes and sizes of perches and stands for exercise and foot health, as well as adding interest to their world. Perches can be uniform in shape – circular, rectangular, or oval – and come in a variety of sizes. Bird owners should purchase the size that is designed for their bird. Irregular shaped perches are usually made of branches, which simulate a more natural environment.

  • Bird Harness

    Learning to fly well is the most complicated and important task a parrot can learn. Your pet will be healthier, more active, more coordinated, and increase its' visual acuity. Flying helps with language development, higher intelligence, self-confidence, self-esteem and ultimately makes a very social companion.